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 The Madkaud heirs

Félicien Madkaud (1857 - 1921), founder of the rum Madkaud in 1895,
was the son of Louis (number 105) and Monique, two slaves from
"Grand'Anse" of the municipality of Lorrain located on the North Atlantic
coast of Martinique.
Then, on the Caribbean coast of Martinique, came his son Léonce I, then his
grandson Léonce II, and now his great grandson Stephane.
Meanwhile, on the Atlantic coast of Martinique, Felicien's Nephew, Louisy,
opened the distillery "La Digue" in 1924. Then followed Louisy's son
Emilien (Milo), then Lucien (1944-2013), and now Stephane again.

For the Afro-descendants of Guadeloupe and Martinique, it is now possible,
thanks to, to find in a very simple way, through their surname,
the identity of their ancestors that were slaves in 1848.

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